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Bakkerswereld artikel

Article Yuno Advisors in ‘Bakkerswereld’

Yuno Advisors contributed with an article on company succession in the bread and pastry market for the second January issue of the specialist journal Bakkerswereld, published by Reed Business Media.

The article named “Yuno expects a wave of mergers and acquisitions” (Yuno verwacht golf aan fusies en overnames) first describes the large number of expected transfers of family owned companies in the years ahead due to both structural and temporary economic factors and demographic trends. Subsequently, the article addresses the alternative routes that can be considered in case of a company transfer, and the issues that can arise with a direct and quick transfer. Finally, we elaborate on an alternative route that is rarely considered – the “owner buy-out”. Yuno Advisors expects that this mergers & acquisitions variant will strongly advance in the coming years.

Click here to read the entire article (in Dutch).