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Financial Advisory Brink’s Nederland

Yuno Advisors performed an independent valuation assignment and scenario analysis for the management of the secure cash transporter Brink’s Nederland. This valuation analysis was utilized in the discussions with the German industry player Wincor Nixdorf, leading to a heads of agreement between both parties to enter into a strategic co-operation on the Dutch market.

Brink’s Nederland, active in the Netherlands since 1974 as specialist transportation and processing company in the field of cash, was part of the US listed company Brink’s Incorporated. Brink’s Incorporated recently withdrew itself from the Netherlands after a strategic reconsideration as a result of the foundation of  Geld Service Nederland (GSN), a co-operation by Brink’s Nederland customers ING, ABN Amro and Rabobank, and placed Brink’s Nederland in an independent foundation. Subsequently, Brink’s Nederland oriented itself on strategic options for continuing its Dutch activities.

Brink’s Nederland will be merged with SecurCash, the Dutch subsidiary of Wincor Nixdorf. Together these companies have a nationwide coverage and infrastructure for the processing of cash.