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Thorstein Vrolijk

I am partner and co-founder of Yuno Advisors. Since the start of my career some 20 years ago, I have been active in the field of M&A and capital markets transactions. I am flexible in nature, result oriented and have a passion for working with family run businesses and entrepreneurs.

Prior to starting Yuno Advisors, I worked at the Corporate Finance division of merchant bank Kempen & Co from 1999 to mid 2004. During this period I worked on numerous transactions ranging from venture capital fund raisings for ICT startups to advising exchange listed companies in both IPOs and public-to-private transactions. In that period I have also gained experience in a wide range of mergers and acquisitions for privately owned companies and controlled auctions of both privately held and state-owned companies.

In 2004 I joined Rabo Securities Corporate Advisory. In this period I advised on various mergers and acquisitions, especially in the field of private equity. Also I headed the internal valuation committee.

After my time as a banking professional, I worked as a partner for the boutique Lindenaar & Co Corporate Finance from 2006 until 2012. In that period, starting with two partners, we built an advisory firm with a total of seven specialized M&A professionals.

Before my professional career, I studied Business Economics and Macro Economics at the University of Amsterdam (cum laude), and studied a semester “Betriebswirtshaftslehre” at the University of Hamburg. My thesis “The Dutch Convertible Market, The Importance – The Motives” was awarded the H.K. Nieuwenhuis prize 1998. Directly after my studies I worked together with Prof. Dr. A. Heertje on writing and publishing an economics book for pre-university education.

Outside my work I have a passion for food, nature and history and I enjoy spending time in the kitchen. I am married and have two children.