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Bakkerij Fuite and Bakkerij De Paauw

Without your specialist knowledge and enormous dedication this would never have been realized.

“Much in the process went perfectly well. An example of this was the proposal of a mutual relation to work with Yuno. Without your specialist knowledge and enormous dedication this would never have been realized.”

Klaas Fuite, Co-owner Bakkerij Fuite &
Toon Vervoort, Managing Director Bakkerij De Paauw


Bakkerij Fuite (“Fuite”), producer of a broad assortment of fresh bread and pastry products joined forces with industry peer Bakkerij De Paauw (“De Paauw”) by means of an acquisition. Both companies are in various means complementary, i.e. in terms of both customers and regional presence as well as production equipment and assortment.

Fuite, located in the eastern part of the Netherlands, has a flexible production set-up and is mainly strong in its assortment of small breads for multiple customers within and without the Netherlands, both in the food retail and food service channels. De Paauw, located in the southwestern part of the Netherlands, distinguishes itself with large and efficient production lines in mainly large breads, and is a dedicated supplier of one of the large food discounters. Hence, both companies are very complementary, and will operate under the wings of a new holding company “Bakster” in line with the Dutch circular poultry initiative ‘Kipster”.

Role Yuno Advisors

Yuno Advisors acted as exclusive advisor for the shareholders of both Fuite and De Paauw, i.e. as “advisor to the transaction”. Our advice related to all aspects of the M&A and financing process from start to finish. This included the overall deal coordination, valuation and structuring of the transaction, preparation of bank documentation (including financing memorandum), financial modeling and a combination analysis, coordination of the due diligence as well as negotiating the financing facilities with the banks in a challenging financing climate due to Corona.

About Bakkerij Fuite

Bakkerij Fuite – founded in 1928 – is a family business that started as a small bakery in IJsselmuiden. Since 2014, Fuite is located in Apeldoorn where the third generation is in charge of the company, which currently employs approximately 70 employees. Fuite mainly bakes daily fresh bread with very flexible lines that process 10,000 tons of flour annually into a wide range of bread products. In addition to its close relationship with retail chain Boni and online retailer Picnic, Fuite distinguishes itself by realizing approximately 30% of its turnover in export markets such as Italy, Germany and Spain.

About Bakkerij De Paauw

Bakkerij de Paauw – founded in 1973 – is an industrial bakery that started as a small family run company in Hoornaar. In 1991 De Paauw moved to its current location in Hardinxveld-Giessendam. The location offered space for modernization, a growing product range and expansion of its staff and customer base. Today, De Paauw is one of the larger bakeries in the Netherlands with modern equipment and a staff of over 100 employees. De Paauw has one of the Netherlands’ most efficient production lines in large bread, enabling it to supply 150 locations of a leading national retail chain, whereby De Paauw delivers on-site with its own transportation.

See attached an article (in Dutch) from Yuno Advisors in the Bakkerswereld periodical of a number of years ago, dealing with the increasing consolidation in the bakery market.