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M&A Research

We offer specialized M&A Research services for companies that want to grow through acquisitions and private equity companies focusing on “Buy & Build”. Instead of half work, which often happens, we provide our M&A Research services with a systematic and professional approach that closely fits the customer’s merger and acquisition strategy. Our M&A Research aims at providing a precise selection (short list) of companies that meet the established acquisition criteria, through a structured roadmap, from a broad (international) selection of sometimes hundreds or thousands of companies. The research is largely tailored, and the final result is presented in a final M&A Research Report.

Research Approach

The following steps are performed in our M&A Research service:

  • Act as a sparring partner in setting up an M&A strategy
  • Determine the right search criteria for the research
  • Translate acquisition criteria in a search strategy suitable for database and desk research
  • Create a long list based on the research results
  • Narrow the long list down to a medium list and short list
  • Create business profiles of the short list based on various sources and databases
  • Delivering the M&A Research Report including company profiles and research methods
  • Optional follow-up M&A advisory services in approaching target companies


There are many advantages of a systematic M&A Research approach for our clients:

  • Access to specialist expertise and experience in the field of M&A
  • No mismatch between company strategy and acquisition capabilities
  • Optimize opportunities for a successful acquisition
  • Reduced influence of personal preferences, coincidences or internal politics
  • Thorough analysis, based on multiple approaches, (non-public) databases and resources
  • Framework can be used for multiple acquisitions
  • Advisors who are not just analysts, but M&A professionals as well