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Market Food Group acquires Detailresult bakery Apeldoorn

Yuno Advisors advised the shareholders of Market Food Group (“MFG”), producer of bread and pastry products and holding company of franchise formats such as ‘t Stoepje and Le Perron – on the acquisition of the entire assets of the former Detailresult bakery in Apeldoorn from the family holding company of the Kat family, also owner of supermarket formula DekaMarkt.

MFG ( has been operating as a bread and pastry bakery since 1979 with several well-known franchise formulas, such as ‘t Stoepje and Le Perron. With 115 franchisees, these formulas are present at more than 600 markets throughout the Netherlands and at various fixed locations. This makes MFG the market leader in itinerant trade, as well as supplying bread and pastry specialities to Food Retail, Foodservice, Export and for meal boxes. MFG is a flexible specialty bakery employing 188 people, supplying mainly artisanal, healthy, sustainable and sugar-free products to both business customers and consumers. The bakeries Faber ( in Hoogeveen and Smithuis ( in Oldenzaal are leading retail bakeries operating in the north and east of the Netherlands, and jointly have 125 employees.

After MFG, Faber and Smithuis joined forces in 2022, a bakery group was created with 4 production sites in Bunschoten-Spakenburg (2x), Hoogeveen and Oldenzaal respectively, as well as 5 distribution centres across the country. The group has a combined employee base of 313. The acquisition of the bakery in Apeldoorn added a 5th production location to the group.

Yuno Advisors acted as MFG’s exclusive advisor throughout the process. Our advice included structuring and modelling the proposed transaction, issuing a bid, assisting with negotiations, creating the process documentation and assisting with discussions with the financing syndicate.

Click here for Market Food Group’s original press release (in Dutch).