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Bakery & Pastry

Companies active in production of bread, pastries, cookies and other bakery products.

Our Experience

Yuno has ample experience with companies active in the bakery and pastry segment.

In the period 2020 – 2022, Yuno Advisors completed 3 major Bakery deals in the Netherlands: In 2022, Market Food Group’s purchase of Faber & Smithuis combined with the buyout of Bolster Investments in Market Food Group. In 2021, we assisted the largest organic bakery in the Netherlands – Bakkerij Van der Westen – in its acquisition of organic bakery Verbeek. In the first covid year 2020, Yuno Advisors assisted Bakkerij Fuite in its acquisition of Bakkerij De Paauw. In all these deals, we also arranged the financing. In previous years, we have also assisted several other Bakery deals, including a minority buyout transaction with Bolster Investments in Market Food Group in 2016 and 2019, and the refinancing of Monte Pizza Crust in 2020.

In the biscuits & pastries segment, we assisted the shareholders of OnOats in its sale to Calm Investments in 2022, and previously assisted, among others, an MBI transaction of Ravensbergen, producer of granola bars and filled pastries, and its subsequent sale to Swiss food company HACO. In addition, in this segment we completed an asset/liability transaction of a production site in crust and puff pastry products, and also conducted a valuation analysis for a specialised bread producer.