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YEAU Limonade lemonade

Venture Capital round YEAU! by informal investors

Yuno Advisors assisted The Better for You Company in realizing venture capital financing for the further roll-out of its innovative food concept YEAU!. In two steps a number of informal investors have participated in the company who mainly have a background in the food industry.

The Utrecht based The Better for You Company has developed a water tastemaker which was recently introduced on the Dutch market. With the realized venture capital financing, further expansion of YEAU! can be accomplished in the Netherlands as well as a start in several other European countries.

YEAU! is a concentrated liquid in several tastes that can be squeezed directly into a glass of water out of a small bottle of 48 ml. This bottle of YEAU! tastemaker gives up to 30 personal drinks of 200 ml. Instead of sugar YEAU! contains sweeteners, causing the product to be almost free of calories. Thereby, YEAU! offers an attractive alternative in the beverages shelf of retailers. For the time being, YEAU! is available in the tastes ‘Lazy Summerfruit’, ‘Chill Blackcurrant’, ‘Smooth Apple’ and ‘Stunning Oranges’, but new tastes are currently under development. See for more information the  website

YEAU! wants to create a sensation with consumers that drinking water is fun and for a younger audience also trendy. The YEAU! concept is focused specifically on two target audiences: youngsters that are looking for cool products confirming their image, and adults that are conscious about drinking water and wish to enjoy drinking water unconcerned. YEAU! is an attractive product for (grand) parents with young (grand) children, who are looking for a healthier and more appealing alternative for syrups and soft drinks containing sugar.

Currently, YEAU! is already sold in 316 Albert Heijn retail stores and in various PLUS and Coop stores in the region Utrecht-Zwolle. Furthermore, YEAU! is premium sponsor of the soccer club FC Utrecht.

The founders of The Better for You Company – Koert Liekelema and Wim van Roekel – have a broad experience in the food industry, and have a goal of introducing new and innovative food products in the Netherlands and abroad. With the special subsidiary The Better Beverages Company, the first innovation YEAU! is brought to the market, and new innovations are currently under development.